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Lake Ray Roberts November Fishing Report

Fishing report by GBass Reelfitters guide service & charters. Date 11-7-16 written by Gregory B Reedy
Water temps 70-73 degrees pool elevation 632.06 normal pool elevation 632.50

Black bass better known as large mouth are doing great. GBass has caught fish on recent trips up to 8 lbs. Numbers are also very good, the fall feeding is on ! Best locations have been points or secondary points. They're chasing shad and at times schooling, which makes for fun if you enjoy casting top waters. Keep your eyes open, it doesn't last long. Water depths have been varying greatly . Bass have been as shallow as 1' and on some days deep as 14-17'. pay close attention to your electronics, to see where the shad are holding at--depth. Shad are moving around greatly & bass follow them. Gbass Reelfitters wishes good luck to everyone, its a great time to catch a large mouth trophy.

White bass, better known as sand bass are excellent and easy to catch. They're located on points, humps and even some road beds. They're good on either the Sanger side or Pilot Point. Both side of the lake have been producing great numbers .They also are following the shad, so pay attention to your electronics. Slabs or jigging spoons are best for catching s boat load of these tasty fish. I normally use 1 oz baits, shad colors are best. It's been fairly easy to catch a limit of white bass. Remember 10'' minimum and 25 per person. There's been some schooling on recent warm days too. Depths are varing greatly, 15 to as deep as 40'. Good luck finding these tasty fish they are great table fare & fun for the whole family.

Crappie are doing great, on recent outings. We've had lots and lots of crappie, in the boat. there have been fish as small as 3" and good numbers of keepers. Recently we had good numbers over 2lbs, now that's a barn door crappie. The crappie are located in trees, brush piles, pick which you prefer. The cooler weather is a big turn on for crappie fishing ! Best baits are, small crappie jigs,live minnows. Remember 10" minimum and 25 per person limit. I canassist you in locating these tasty table fare, call for a trip.

Catfish are really heating up as we move into cooler fall weather. They'll be great all the way thru winter. on recent outings we have had catfish up to and over 10 lbs. Don't be surprised to find these hard pulling and fighting fish mixed in with the white bass. It seems everybody (fish) love to eat shad. When you hook up with one of these big girls, take your time to land her.They are a fun fish to catch. Remember 12" minimum and 25 per person (channel and blues) flathead minimum 18" 5 per day.

Till my next report....tight lines & sharp hooks

Gregory Reedy

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